Tanja Heinz

I believe that photography is a powerful tool to show the beauty of nature. When I began with photography, I was taking pictures mostly for myself and for creating something beautiful.
I am aware of my privilege being able to travel around the world to take photographs of different wildlife. I am more than hoping that my travels and photographs will be of any use for the animals. For example, after my journey to Brazil I realized that many people have never heard about golden lion tamarins or southern muriquis. Therefore, although I can enjoy well-known places with well-known animals, in my future travels I try to select more less-known wildlife. I treat all living creatures with respect. As a wildlife photographer it is my responsibility to constantly reflect my behaviour in the natural habitat of species. I retreat at any sign of stress I perceive in animals. In my opinion, getting the most beautiful photograph at an expense of animals should not be the priority of a wildlife photographer.

My background
My passion for wildlife grew comparatively late after watching nature documentaries. Although I grew up in a beautiful rural place with nature around me, I had little contact with wildlife. But still I became a trained biologist. During my path as a biologist, I realized how difficult it is to get anything done in ecology. I became disconnected with my original goal of working anytime in conservation. I am convinced that this has something to do with growing up in an industrialized country where people even have stone gardens. This led me to work as a teacher. In the children I see that they still love animals. Most adults loose this love for animals.

My vision
My vision is to connect biology, education, and photography in a way that changes the values we have nowadays in our modern life. I want people to care about animals and nature!